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 About Us

Founded in 1969, Namon E. Curtis Co., Inc. started in business as an Acoustical Ceiling Contractor. Quite often we were being held up by the metal stud & drywall partition trades, so we decided to incorporate that trade into our scope of operations as well in order to better schedule and coordinate our work load. We soon discovered that our wall crews were being held up because the hollow metal frames were not set in place so the walls could not be built. Jumping from one area to another as a result of the hollow metal frames not being set added considerable cost and time to complete the job and destroyed our ability to effectively schedule our work crews. It appeared that the simple solutions would be to include hollow metal frames in our scope of operations. As you may well know things are never as simple as they first appear. Nevertheless in short order we were in the hollow metal frame business too. Since you cannot do just hollow metal frames, we went on to include hollow metal doors, wood doors and builders' hardware. Eventually, we would go on to include many other specialty building products into our scope of operations and product offerings.

From day one our focus was on providing the very best products and services to our customers that money could buy. In the 1970's we experienced tremendous growth having over 100 employees and surviving two recessions (with considerable loss), the decision was made to change our business type from a subcontractor to a materials supplier in order to reduce our risk exposure from failing contractors. So in 1979 Architectural Hardware and Specialty, Co., Inc. (our present company), was chartered and we discontinued our installed items; (Ceilings, floors, partitions, glass and glazing, dock doors and equipment etc.) and focused all our resources on our furnish only items; (hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors and frames, builders hardware, toilet partitions and accessories, fire extinguishers and cabinets, marker and tack boards, lockers, and many other building specialty products).

With more than 48 years of providing solutions and serving the needs of our customers on thousands of projects, this has been an exciting and challenging journey. There have been many changes in our industry, and business, but the one thing that has and will remain constant is our dedication to quality. Our success is measured in every job we do by the satisfaction of our customers. We owe it all to you and we are looking forward to serving your future needs with the same passion and commitment to quality which has been our guiding principle from the very beginning.


Namon (Ed) Curtis

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Architectural Hardware & Specialty Co., Inc.